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cafe racer 35mm headlight bracket headlight h4
speedometer cafe racer parts race bratstyle chopper bobber
cafe racer bracket japanese motorcyle headlight 33mm 34mm 35mm 36mm37mm
bractstyle retro mod bobber jeffy
cafe racer velocity stack  speedmoto cb550 stacks
CB750 Triple Tree
Our Price: $429.95
ACEWELL 2853 caferacer motorcycle streetfigher

541 687 6400

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Today's Super Deal!

35-41mm headlight kit black. greasy. halogen h4 aluminum delicious w/turn signals

Our Price: $94.95
New halogen 7" headlight. ( black) Metal bucket

35-41mm al-u-mania-um fork

clear 3 wire   dual filament turn signals

6.5" wide at the mounting points

5.5" deep

7" overall width

SMC approved lens

3 plug wire

 this is a super nice complete headlight kit

All parts can be sold separate...Lonely? give us a call!!