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Exhaust Springs  57 to 90 mm Sold  individually UNIVERSAL Motorcycle  EXHAUST STAINLESS PIPE CLAMPS 1.5" to 3.12 Muffler
upswept adapter Shorty Muffler 12” long, 1-1/2” x 1-3/4” Inlet, Fits either side
UNIVERSAL EXHAUST PIPE SHIELD exhaust pipe baffle cafe clubman harley motorcycle
Tapered Muffler 15” Long Fits 1-3/4” or 1-1/2” pipes exhaust wrap rap header tape cafe bobber racer clubman cafe racer bobber chopper custom exhaust pipes ahrma pipe wrap
MEGAPHONE shorty muff  Mufflers 17" Qhat!!! Universal Reverse Cone Shorty Megaphone Black 17"
26” long Universal Megaphone Widemouth Megaphone Style 24 inches long (Right or Left)
cx500 gl500 cx650 gl650 exhaust manifold flange pipe holder aluminum gl500 cx650 honda twin exhaust cb350 cb250 exhaust manifold flange pipe holder aluminum cb350 honda twin exhaust
Universal “Dunstall” Style Replica Universal “Dunstall” Style Replica
Flat Black cafe Muffler (each) Upswept Hooligan Muffler Chrome  (Sold each Left or Right side)
cx500 upswept mid pipe kit with stainless clamps cafe racer bratstyle motorcycle muffler streetfighter exhaust custom
Megaphone Stainless Steel Cone/Reverse Motorcycle Custom exhaust 4-1 header muffler cx500 upswept meagphone kit chrome complete
cx500 upswept meagphone kit chrome complete exhaust pipe mufflers Honda CB750 SOHC  4-2-1 Header Only