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cb350 vm30 vm32 vm28 vm26 cafe racer 2 into 1 throttle cable cb450 mikuni cable 2-1 honda vm30 ahrma throttle cable 2 into 1 cb350 Cl350 SL350 Honda mikuni vm32 32mm 30mm vm34 34mm cafe racer bratstyle bobber chopper custom two into one one into two This fits the stock throttle housing.  mikuni carburetor kit cable
​No soldering. 2-1 honda vm32 vm30 honda carburetor 2 into 1 cb450 cb500 Honda twin cafe racer honda kawasaki kz440 kz400
2-1 throttle cable Kawasaki kz400 kz440 Mikuni 2-1 cable 2-1 mikuni  throttle cable carburetor  Honda cb350 cb360 cb400 cb450 cm400 cl350 cj360 Stock Housing 
No Soldering ready to install 2 into 1 / 2-1  honda vm26 vm28 mikuni throttle cable 2 into 1 cb350 cb450 cb500 cb160
2-1 vm30 vm32 vm34 mikuni throttle cable cb350 cb500 kz400 kz440 honda kawasaki gs450 gs400 cm400 motorcycle dual carburetor throttle cable cmx400 cl350 sl350 THROTTLE CABLE kz650 z1 kz1000 kz750 twin kz900 two into one throttle cable universal length. DIY cut to length and fittings
2-1 throttle cable  vm32 vm30 vm34 honda carburetor 2 into 1 cx500 gl500 cx650 2-1 Throttle kit  vm26 vm28 mikuni throttle cable 2 into 1 vm34 2-1 intake cable kit (cx500 cb750 ) replacement cable 2 into 1 2 into one mikuni dual carburetor kit
mikuni throttle cable push in vm30 vm32 vm34 Single Pull vm30 vm32 vm34 Mikuni carburetor throttle kit  7/8th bar Mikuni 2-1 choke cable assemble vm30 vm32 vm34
twin carburetor choke kit 
mikuni enrichner
No Tax On website -  Mikuni VM30 Install Kit cb350 cl350 sl350 - Install Your Carburetors with this kit 2-1 Throttle kit  vm30 vm32 vm34  mikuni throttle cable 2 into 1