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HANDLEBAR handlebars 29'' width... 3'' Height... 5.25'' pullback.
HANDLEBAR handlebars 29'' width... 3'' Height... 5.25'' pullback.

Our Price: $39.95

Part #: 23-12561

This is a 7/8 chrome bar that will fit on any 70's 80's classic Japanese bike.

The dimensions are as follows

29'' width

3'' Height

5.25'' pullback

These are chrome but they are available in black.

Handlebar Measurements

Height or Rise: We placed our handlebars on a table in a riding position and measured straight up from the table to the top point at the control ends (we did not measure at diagonally from the bar center to the control ends).

Pullback: Again with the bars on a table in a riding position, we measured from the front side of the center mounting points to the furthest point back at the control end of the bars.

Center Width: We measured the perfectly flat part of the center tubing section.

Width: We measured from absolute control end tip to control end tip (w/o grips)

New cables and new brake lines? When buying new bars, a rough formula to follow is to measure the increased heigth + 1/2 the increased pullback that the new bars will give you. This amount will be very close to how much additional cable and brake line that you may need. However, the best method is to fit the new bars to the motorcycle and then make the increased length determinations, if needed at all.

Additionally, make sure to allow room for your new bars to clear your gas tank on full lock turn.

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